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Increase revenues from Display & Video ads. 


AI-driven | Persona-based

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Create relevant audiences. Transparently.

We use artificial intelligence to define the interests of your target groups. Your web behaviour data coupled with AI are the foundation for better segmentation. The entire process is completely transparent and you will be in charge.

What is AdPicker?

AdPicker is a tool for precise ad targeting.  AdPicker enables large organizations, such as online publishers to monetize their website data thanks to Persona-based segmentation.

The process of setting up a campaign is intuitive and simple

Ad Industry vs Privacy 

Ad Industry is changing due to privacy regulations. 3rd party data providers will be limited (Chrome will limit 3rd party cookies and many browsers already have).

There is a risk of ad spendings being redirected to Facebook and Google Ads ecosystems. However, there is also an opportunity for publishers to offer quality, Persona-based ad targeting among the first ones on the market.

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Technical Details

Target your audience with our personas. Transpary.

With AdPicker you don't need any extra technology, since our solution works as a plug-in to your ad server, DSP or DMP (Data Management Platform).

The process is automated as much as possible and simple to use

At this page, you can see the interests of the engaged visitors while your campaign is running

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Following pictures are real screenshots from AdPicker

AdPicker suits the best for agencies, larger advertisers and publishers with 10 000 000+ ad impressions monthly. In DataSentics, we work with some of the world’s leading brands and seek long-term relationships with our clients from various industries.

Who are our Customers?

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AdPicker uses 1st party data, 100% privacy compliant. Everything is fully transparent and you can always see the real data, if you wish

Target your audience with our personas. Transpary.

With AdPicker, you can target your Display & Video campaign just as precisely as on Facebook, thanks to “Persona” segmentation based on artificial intelligence. Our solution is modern, safe, 100% legal and tailored to your needs. 

Main Benefits of AdPicker

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The simplified process of automatic persona segmentation 

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Our team

We are DataSentics company.

European Data Science Center of Excellence based in Prague with more than 70 machine learning and cloud data engineering experts. We are an official Microsoft and Databricks partner.


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